Executive Coaching

Effective leaders drive better business outcomes. Yet, organizations often look at their leaders as a finished product, not one that benefits from further development. But, our findings differ. With effective executive coaching you can indeed develop better leadership skills, ones that help impact results.

The HPi Executive Coaching services focus on heightening each corporate leader’s strengths while mitigating the stumbling blocks that inhibit success. Common topics we address include:

  • Improving interpersonal communications
  • Developing authentic leadership styles
  • Effective decision making
  • Team development
  • Prioritizing and delegating

HPi’s coaching process applies time-tested techniques to the development of your firm’s and corporate leaders. Area of focus include:

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HPi – we help organizations develop, enhance and advance leaders.

Executive Coaching Team

Our team of executive coaches provide an impressive blend of executive coaching expertise with successful executive level career experience. Their backgrounds include:

  • CEOs and General Managers with P&L accountability
  • HR executives
  • Attorneys
  • Psychologists

Our coaches go through a certification process that includes training and mentoring. Plus, the consistency of our coaching tools, processes and methods ensure our clients high quality outcomes.

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HPI has truly been an invaluable partner for us. I would highly recommend their services. Over the years, they have guided our HR team with best practices and supported hundreds of our employees through mergers, acquisitions and various reductions in force. While many of our employees have benefited from their 1:1 services, those who participated in group discussions consistently provided feedback that they left feeling as though they had received individualized assistance. HPI provides support during one of the most difficult transitions a company and employee can face. They foster a supportive environment in which employees can work through a wide spectrum of emotions and help channel those feelings into positive, career advancing action plans.

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