HPI has truly been an invaluable partner for us. I would highly recommend their services. Over the years, they have guided our HR team with best practices and supported hundreds of our employees through mergers, acquisitions and various reductions in force. While many of our employees have benefited from their 1:1 services, those who participated in group discussions consistently provided feedback that they left feeling as though they had received individualized assistance. HPI provides support during one of the most difficult transitions a company and employee can face. They foster a supportive environment in which employees can work through a wide spectrum of emotions and help channel those feelings into positive, career advancing action plans.

SVP Human Resources
SVP Human Resources, Banking Industry

I was first introduced to High Potential-Inc. nearly six years ago when proactively seeking out an executive coaching relationship for myself. After meeting with Bob Wilson and Phil Staffa for brief introductions, I was immediately impressed. I have developed a strong relationship with most of the leaders and executive coaches in the Chicago office over the past several years. Each and every one of the team members is outstanding. Just last year I worked with Mike Farrell through an unfortunately large reduction in force that outplaced nearly 700 individuals. However, I am proud to say that I received nothing but compliments of the staff, coaches, mentors and program leaders. If I knew of anyone going through a career transition, needing assistance with outplacement, or searching for a top of the line executive coach, High Potential would be the first place I would refer them to!

Bank SVP
Bank SVP, Financial Industry

After many years of seeing my company downsize and reduce staff, it wasn’t a complete shock when it happened to me. But, even though I had taken steps to prepare for that day, it was still emotionally disruptive. Fortunately, Mike Farrell, Phil Staff and the HPI team were there to help. Their support and guidance helped me quickly move on and focus on defining and achieving my next career step.

If something happens to you in your job, I highly recommend HIP outplacement and transition services.

Corporate Vice President
Corporate Vice President

As the Executive Vice President and CHRO of a global organization with over 60,000 employees, I have come to rely on High Potential, Inc. as a true partner when handling career transition issues. Whether we were closing a plant with hundreds of employees or conducting a reduction of a corporate department at our headquarters location, HPI could be counted on to deliver empathetic and cost effective service to every employee, manager and executive. HPI’s consistent, high quality service and responsiveness always allowed my management team and me to view them as an extension of our human resource and employee relations effort. I would definitely recommend HPI to any organization wanting to assist their managers and employees through a career transition issues.

EVP, CHRO, Global Fortune 250 Company

As a senior Human Resources executive in a declining industry, I called upon HPI to assist with more than a dozen facility closures and innumerable organizational restructurings.

HPI’s counselors are particularly skilled at engaging employees, from unskilled entry-level hourly to senior plant management, preparing them to re-enter the job market for the first time in years — decades in some instances.
Employees consistently offered rave reviews of their experiences with HPI. Further, as the vendor manager, without fail, I found the HPI team to be responsive, accommodating, and true business partners. Moreover, I came to count on them as an extension of my own team.

HR Executive
HR Executive

I have had the opportunity to not only work with but develop a true partnership with HPi. They have provided me as an HR professional with a high level of service over many years when our company has been in need of outplacement services. Most importantly our employees who have utilized HPi report back that they have been very impressed with the services and support they have received. As a Company, I have always received quick responses to my requests and my employees have as well. HPI has provided comprehensive guidance and job search training to hundreds of employees and I am always confident the employees are in great hands to find their next career.

HR Professional
HR Professional, Manufacturing Industry

It is said that a wave moves all ships, regardless of the wave size. We thank you for your words of hope, inspiration, and although challenges await us, we are destined for better opportunities, because of you. Everyone that met you, agree that your inspiring personality, and your willingness to help has presented us with the tools and resources to approach crossroads with determination, and with the capacity to make better choices. I personally would like to thank you. There were times when I may not have projected to you that I still have a future, however, you were there to say to me and to others, this is not the end, but the beginning of something unfamiliar, but not new.

Thanks for all you’ve done for us, and I hope to see you again during the latter part of March. Thanks

Plant Manager
Plant Manager & long time employee, HPI

“Awesome, Awesome!!”
“This workshop exceeded my expectations…”
“The workshop was great, I had never created a resume before and had no idea where to begin”
“Very Informative and valuable class”
“ HPI was awesome, after the first day my stress level and anxiety was reduced immensely – now I feel confident finding a job will be easier”
“At the beginning of the workshop, I felt overwhelmed & ill equipped to conduct a job search. The training provided me with the tools I need to have a successful job search – Thank you very much”

Workshop Attendee
Many Workshop Attendees